Dr Travis Elliott Naturopathic Physician

“I need a doctor who will listen; I have a complicated story and I’ve seen a lot of doctors. I want to be treated like a person—not a disease.”

Naturopathic Burlington
Do you still feel sick despite years of treatment? Have you read books about healing your disease but are unsure how to take action? Have you considered a naturopathic doctor in Burlington? Click here to learn more.
Naturopathic Burlington

“I have cancer and need a naturopathic alternative to standard drugs and surgery.”

The research is clear: if your mitochondrial power plants are working well and producing adequate energy, your body is able to fight metastatic tumors. Furthermore, restricting carbohydrates robs cancer cells of one of the only fuels available to them: sugar. Click here to learn how a metabolic approach from a naturopathic Burlington doctor using a ketogenic diet in combination with pulsed magnetic cellular exercise can help strengthen your body to fight your cancer. Click here to learn More.