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Are xylitol, erythritol, and other sugar alcohols safe to consume?

America is on a never-ending quest to satisfy its sweet tooth without the health risks of sugar and other sweeteners. Anyone with a natural bent knows to avoid toxic artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and sucralose, but what about the more “natural” ones, such as xylitol, erythritol, and sorbitol? Although they’re found on the shelves of health food stores, […]

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Try this trick to fall back asleep at 3 a.m.

Do you often wake up at 3 a.m., your mind racing with thoughts, and you can’t fall back asleep? Try this crazy sounding but highly effective tip: Eat something! Make sure it’s not something sweet but instead something with protein and fat, such as nut butter, a bit of hard boiled egg, or some meat. […]

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Tips for Self-Care During the Season of Stress

The holiday season can be rife with pitfalls of stress. Even those who do not participate in the holidays cannot escape the additional traffic on the roads, in the shops, grocery stores, and sidewalks while out and about. Besides, stress tends to be contagious. It only takes one grouchy person to chew out everyone they […]

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Combat candida naturally

A candida infection is an overgrowth of the fungus Candida albicans. It can affect the skin, mouth, throat, genitals, or blood. Common expressions of a candida infection include oral thrush, a vaginal yeast infection, jock itch, athlete’s foot, and even brain fog and fatigue. If the infection enters the bloodstream, it is called invasive candidiasis and causes […]

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Gut bacteria may play a role in eating disorders

Eating disorders affect an estimated 5 to 10 percent of the population and are generally thought to be a psychological disorder. However, new research from France shows gut bacteria can also play a role in causing eating disorders. The study showed eating disorders developed in mice who had an immune reaction to a protein made by gut […]

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Ways to Prevent Stress From Affecting Your Health

Stress is your body’s response to certain stimuli. The effects of stress manifests in many ways, including physically, mentally, and emotionally. In high levels, stress can turn your body against you by affecting your health. Since stress is an unavoidable, one of the best things you can do to improve your health and quality of […]

Teens need enough sleep as much as they need air, food, and water

Teens burn through life because, well, they can, and research shows two out of three teens are severely sleep deprived. But what teens and the adults in their lives don’t realize is that sleep deprivation raises the risk of car accidents and driving fatalities (driving sleepy is as bad as driving drunk), obesity, diabetes, depression, risk-taking behavior, […]

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BPAs in store receipts can trigger autoimmunity and other health issues

BPA (bisphenol-A) is gaining recognition as an undesirable toxin that people now try to avoid in plastics, particularly water bottles. But it’s harder to avoid than you think – research shows handling those seemingly innocuous store receipts quickly raises blood levels of BPA. BPA on store receipts Store and fast food receipts, ATM receipts, airline tickets, gas […]

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What You Need to Know About Hypothyroidism

Contrary to popular belief, hypothyroidism is a condition that occurs when the immune system starts attacking the thyroid gland. Many people assume that their thyroid is out-of-sync because it is malfunctioning. While that is partially true, it is not the entire reason. A malfunctioning thyroid exists because the immune system has gone awry and there […]

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Boost anti-aging and brain function with PQQ

By now you’ve probably heard of CoQ10 and it’s anti-aging potential. The newest discovery in the anti-aging world is PQQ (pyrroloquinoline quinone). PQQ works inside your cells like CoQ10 by defending them from damage. But what sets PQQ apart is that it can also energize your cells so they function better. This is done by […]

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