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The mass extinction of species happening in your gut

You probably already know the planet is experiencing an extinction crisis; scientists estimate we’ll lose up to 50 percent of current species during the next 20 years. But did you know there’s also an extinction crisis of gut bacteria happening among civilized humans? The modern diet, which is high in processed foods, meats and sugars […]

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Five things that can cause depression

Do you suffer from depression? People succumb to depression for different reasons, and it’s not always about serotonin! It’s important to look for the underlying cause of your depression. Consider these five: 1. Poor communication between brain cells Depression happens when neurons in certain areas of the brain don’t communicate well with each other, or “fire.” […]

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Six things you can address that cause insomnia

It seems almost everyone has insomnia these days, including, possibly, you. People either can’t fall asleep, they wake up after a few hours of sleep and can’t go back asleep, or they aren’t able to sleep deeply. The reasons for insomnia vary from person to person, but it’s typically not due to a sleeping pill […]

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Need help with your brain? Trade your keyboard for a pen

Do your fingers whir across the keyboard, but your brain is left in the dust? One small but effective way to improve brain health is as simple as putting a pen to paper for a little bit each day. Research shows that although keyboards make writing fast and easy, they also make for sloppier brain […]

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Why high blood sugar can worsen your chronic disease

It’s not easy being a healthy American. We are constantly besieged by the lure of sugary, starchy treats (salted caramel latte and a scone anyone?). Yet behind the innocent disguise of these lures is the threat of chronic disease, the leading cause of death. Heart disease, stroke  diabetes, arthritis  and Alzheimer’s are among the most common and expensive health […]

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Five little-known things that make Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism worse

If you are managing your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism through diet and lifestyle, then you probably know about the autoimmune diet  supplements, non-toxic home and body products, and getting enough rest. But are you aware of hidden sources of stress that may be triggering autoimmune flares? Other common autoimmune diseases today include multiple sclerosis, type 1 diabetes, psoriasis, […]

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Pay attention to your gallbladder if you have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism

Have you been told you don’t need your gallbladder? Think again. Sure, you’ll live without it, but the gallbladder is actually a vital digestive organ. If you have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism, you need to pay extra attention to your gallbladder. How Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism can impair gallbladder function Hypothyroidism has been shown to make the gallbladder distended […]

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Is your brain inflamed by Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism?

When most people think of inflammation they think of arthritic joints, or maybe a sprained ankle. But did you know your brain can become inflamed, too? This is especially the case if you have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. The problem is an inflamed brain won’t hurt. Instead you should look for other symptoms of brain inflammation. These […]