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Eat breakfast to better manage Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism

If you’re like most Americans, you eat a high-carb breakfast packed with grains, dairy, and sugar, or you don’t eat breakfast at all either because you’re too busy or you want to lose weight. Either way, you’re not doing yourself any favors if you have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. Breakfast is exactly what it sounds like — […]

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Many girls’ ADHD misdiagnosed as depression and anxiety

When we think of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) we think of the boys — they’ve received the lion’s share of diagnoses and attention. But turns out we’re focusing mainly on characteristically boys’ symptoms, leaving a lot of girls in the dust with their symptoms and very bad outcomes in adulthood. While boys act out […]

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Cholesterol is good for you

If you’re one of the many people with high cholesterol, you may have been prescribed statin drugs and told to eat a low-fat diet — the standard advice for decades. However, experts have now reviewed the research and found there is no link between heart disease and total fat, saturated fat, or dietary cholesterol. This is good […]

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Loneliness is bad for Hashimoto’s health

Everyone feels lonely from time to time. Maybe you miss a party, move to a new city, or lack a close circle of friends. Ideally, loneliness is temporary, but when it becomes chronic, it can have far-reaching consequences for our health, especially if you have Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism. While we’ve known for decades that perceived social […]

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Don’t let travel derail your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism management

Managing Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism is hard enough. Throw in holiday travel, staying with relatives, meals out, and exhaustion, and autoimmune management goes to a new level of difficulty. However, failing to follow your plan can wreck the holidays with symptom flares or an energy crash. What to do? First, take a deep breath and adopt a no-stress, […]

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Maternal PCOS and autism risk in children

Researchers have discovered that polycystic ovarian syndrome, or PCOS  is linked with an almost 60 percent greater risk of giving birth to a child who will develop an autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As many as one in ten women of childbearing age have PCOS, a hormonal disorder, and it can affect girls as young as 11. […]

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Did childhood trauma play a role in your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism?

Hashimoto’s patients expend considerable effort finding the right diet, supplements, lifestyle, and practitioner to manage their autoimmune hypothyroidism. But did you know your experiences from childhood could be provoking your Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism as an adult? Abuse, belittlement, insults, neglect, loss of loved ones, parental acrimony… the traumas children weather unfortunately become a lifelong “operating system” that has […]

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The mass extinction of species happening in your gut

You probably already know the planet is experiencing an extinction crisis; scientists estimate we’ll lose up to 50 percent of current species during the next 20 years. But did you know there’s also an extinction crisis of gut bacteria happening among civilized humans? The modern diet, which is high in processed foods, meats and sugars […]