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Fitness, not fatness, predicts how long you live

We’ve long been told if we want to be healthier and live longer we need to drop the pounds, but turns out being fit is the best predictor for longevity, even if you’re overweight. A team of researchers examined a collection of studies that together looked at thousands of people for as long as 16 years. They […]

FDA sued over gluten in medications; protect yourself

A man with celiac disease is suing the FDA, demanding they take action on the undisclosed use of wheat in an estimated 150 different prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications. Although about 1 percent of the population suffers from celiac disease, vastly more have gluten sensitivity and must also abstain from eating wheat to avoid a variety of […]


How Humane Is Your Bacon?

I just listened to a Fresh Air interview with Barry Estabrook and am looking forward to reading this book. Pork is, in his opinion, “the best meat we can eat, or the very worst.” As omnivores, he says, we have what Temple Grandin calls an “ancient contract” with pigs that we are currently violating. In […]

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Why diets don’t work and what you can do about it

After studying dieting for 20 years, a researcher concluded diets simply don’t work, a fact countless Americans have spent 20-plus years of their own lives validating. Why? Dieting is constructed around faulty principles that defy human biology and psychology. The “calories in versus calories out” model fails to account for hormonal shifts during weight loss, the psychological […]

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What HbA1c and a glucometer can tell you about disease risk

High blood sugar is ground zero for chronic disease: diabetes (obviously), heart disease, dementia, autoimmune disease, chronic pain, and hormone imbalances. Testing your HbA1c on a blood panel can tell you whether high blood sugar is setting you up for major health problems. High blood sugar can: Trigger chronic inflammation, thus setting the stage for […]

Why are girls going through puberty so early?

In the 1800s the average girl didn’t hit puberty until she was 15. Today the average age of puberty is 12, while the numbers of children showing signs of puberty before age 10 is at all time high and rising. We have seen the age at which children, primarily girls, hit puberty drop in just the last […]

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Hashimoto’s not improving? Here are 10 reasons why

For some, managing autoimmune Hashimoto’s is as easy as going gluten-free. For others, it requires trial and error to find the triggers. And for those with severe or multiple autoimmune disorders, symptom management requires a conscious, lifelong approach to diet and lifestyle. Hashimoto’s is an autoimmune condition in which the immune system attacks and destroys […]

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Moody and need meds or just a healthy, normal female?

Do you feel you need anti-depressants or anti-anxiety medications, or has your doctor said you do? Although true depression or anxiety disorders need management, many women are misled into believing they need treatment for what is actually normal behavior. Women are designed to be sensitive to their environments, emotionally in tune with their children and […]

SIBO common cause of wasting away in elderly

Do you have an older loved one in your life who seems to be wasting away no matter what you do to keep them nourished and healthy? This may be due to a condition called SIBO, or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth. SIBO happens when bacteria that normally belong in the large intestine travel backwards to […]

Lyme Disease- an inspiring 10 minutes

Rarely have I seen such a wonderful encapsulation of the power of a complex, individualized approach to medicine. Since I am undergoing training with Innovative Medicine — the organization that Ben Ahrens works for — I have great respect for his message. Please consider watching this 10 minute talk, and if you are curious about […]

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