More Naturopathic & Alternative Medicine Reviews of Dr. Travis Elliott

“Optimistically, PEMF could replace many pharmaceutical and surgical interventions currently used to provide safe, effective treatment for inflammation.”
-Dr Gabi Nindl
“This was the best Dr’s visit I have had in five years. No one has been able to figure anything out, but with Dr Elliott I feel we are on the right road to getting some answers. ”
-Scott Moreland
“I struggled with very low energy, poor digestion, fuzzy thinking, and a super-slow metabolism for many years. When lab results showed highly elevated TPO antibodies as well as low iron and vitamin D levels, my doctors recommended cutting out gluten, but didn’t seem to know what else to do and never mentioned Hashimoto’s. I ate gluten-free and mostly paleo for a year without any significant improvement, and was very demoralized. Then I found Dr. Elliott. Three months after my first appointment, my digestion is normal, my thinking is crystal clear, I have so much energy that I am excited to work out 5 days a week, and I have finally begun losing weight and seeing changes in my body. Bad days have become very rare. I had almost given up on ever feeling this way, and I’m so thankful that I do. Go and see him!”
“Dr. Elliott has given me back my quality of life! With his help and guidance I am able to stick to and succeed with the plan specific to managing my auto immune disease. I had tried this plan with other NDs in the past and was never successful. I appreciate his knowledge and passion about continuing education in the field. I have learned volumes from him about how my particular chronic illness works and how to control it. My friends and family are amazed by my turn around in the year that I have been working with Dr. Elliott!”

“Dr. Travis, I can’t tell you how much my life has changed in the last 2 weeks. Between the supplements you gave me and the [PEMF], I feel like I have me back again in my life! My brain is functioning more clearly (I didn’t even realize it wasn’t working well until it started to work again!), my sleep is awesome, my stress level is way down, I feel happier and more relaxed. I have started reading a book on Chinese medicine and another about about pulse diagnosis, and started watching online seminars about acupuncture – all things I have been too tired, overwhelmed, or foggy headed to even attempt. I had lost all desire to learn.I somehow feel like I have more time on my hands, too. Maybe because I am not spending all my time feeling scared about my health and feeling like everything I do is a massive struggle. This weekend I went to the gym for the first time in forever and then I went on a hike in the gorge and I went to a social event. I would have been drained and laid flat had I done that all in one weekend (and after a busy week at work) a few weeks ago. It’s funny how I didn’t know how bad things had gotten until they started getting better. I look forward to them getting better and better!Thank you for your care and your direction.”

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