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Naturopathic & Alternative Medicine Reviews of Dr. Travis Elliot

I found Dr. Elliott after researching doctors who specialize in both standard primary care and integrative medicine.  Finding someone with expertise across both platforms is not easy, and I was lucky to meet Dr. Elliott.  His approach to overall health and well -being strikes a great balance between Western and forward thinking medicine.  I came to Dr. Elliott after having had multiple bouts of Lyme disease, with tests coming back negative, yet symptoms presenting in classic form.  I had never been more ill in my life, but through Dr. Elliott’s staged combination of antibiotics, herbs, CBD and Biocidin, I was able to return to full health, and most importantly, maintain overall health.  We moved through months of antibiotics taken alongside herbs and related botanicals, and onto CBD taken alongside Biocidin.  I found that final combo to be the tipping point to regaining mental clarity and immune strength.  I feel that I have experienced a full recovery, and whenever I feel overly tired from stress or over exertion, and symptoms of neck stiffness or dull headache begin to emerge, I simply return to that combo for a few days and the symptoms disappear completely.

The BAH approach also offers a welcome confirmation and reassurance about the presence (or lack thereof) of Lyme in my system. I highly recommend Dr. Elliott’s blend of scientific and intuitive medicine.  It is like Dorothy opening the door of her little house after landing in OZ.  A yellow brick road to follow for health and well-being!

“I met with Dr Elliott because of his expertise on thyroid and autoimmune conditions. I’ve been treated by several endocrinologists and traditional medical doctors with no success. I felt it was time to give Naturopathic medicine a chance. It was the best decision, it saved my life!Finally after a few months of seeing Dr Elliott – following his advice and treatment plans – I was starting to feel better for the first time in four years post thyroid cancer/full thyroidectomy. I have a history of hashimotos thyroiditis, thyroid cancer, osteoporosis, reactive hypoglycemia, chronic urticaria and post herpetic neuralgia from shingles. My thyroid issues started in my early 30’s. I felt way too young to be so sick. I quickly went from a size 4 to a size 10 and I was still gaining weight. Dr Elliott did something no traditional medical doctor has done with me – he listened and he showed sincere concern. My first visit was an hour and a half! Even as a cancer patient my visits never went beyond 15 minutes. Dr Elliott gave me hope and explained the reasons and causes of my symptoms.Eight months later – I’m losing weight, my symptoms are gone, I’ve stopped taking Lyrica (which had awful side effects), my Levothyroxine is finally working (haven’t changed my dose in 6 months where before I had to change it every 6 weeks), my urticaria is under control, and no more hypoglycemia crashes. My outlook on life has significantly improved – I’m the person I used to be – before the hashimotos. I’m positive happy and energetic again! My family and friends have noticed the difference and when they ask I tell them – my Naturopath, Dr Elliott go see him!”
-Noranne Brumagin
“Dr. Elliott exemplifies a sorely needed trait missing in too many of today’s physicians: the ability and willingness to heal his patients. His complete and total lack of arrogance stems from his assurance in his wide ranging knowledge. I knew I was in good hands after my first visit. This is not cookie cutter health care. This is an extremely well-trained physician who doesn’t rest on his laurels unlike too many other physicians who stagnate in staled information thereby miserably failing their patient which has been my experience more times than I care to count. His bedside manner, communication skills, and scope of understanding are a godsend. He is interested in hearing what you have to say. It is obvious that he loves what he does and it is a good energy to be around. He points you in the right direction. He provides direction, a formulated plan that one can wrap their mind around. He doesn’t push supplements. He isn’t a salesman. I feel I am being respected and treated in a novel way, namely, the way that will get me from point A to B. Dr. Elliott’s protocol for my health issues is something I totally believe and accept. You leave his office with a clear understanding of where you stand but more importantly where do I go from here. I highly recommend Dr. Elliott and Whole Family Wellness Center.”
– Angie Grima
In May 2013 I started having severe pain running down my left arm. The x-ray ordered by my doctor showed lots of inflammation along my spine. I was sent to physical therapy for about two months. Things did seem better and then it seemed the pain sank to sciatica running down my left leg. I was walking like an old peasant woman with a bundle of sticks on my back when there was no bundle. Another visit to the doctor and an MRI showed that L4 had shifted forward over L5 causing my nerves to be compromised. I had cortisone shots two times which did little or nothing. The doctor offered to do a spinal fusion. This was something I did not want to try as I know several people who did this procedure and still had plenty of pain.
– Note on iMRS facebook page: Testimonial that shows the importance of sticking with it.
“Last November I was introduced to the IMRS and put my faith in it. Diligently I spent 24 minutes upon arising and before retiring on my big mat and as much time as I could on my small mat (the pad) when I might be sitting down anyway. My most frequent question to myself had been, “When will I be free of this mat?”By March I was experiencing considerable improvement–97%. I still use my mat and pad twice daily. If I travel I will take it with me. I have built the use of my mat into my routine and won’t ever be without it.”
– Carolyn Versteeg
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