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The Layers of Holistic Healthcare

In this week’s video blog, I unpack the many layers of human physiology: physical, chemical, and energetic. The human body has many systems that function at different energetic densities. This is the lens through which I treat my patients. My perspective is holistic. When formulating treatments, I am considering every layer of your physiology.
To further explain the layers of human physiology, I’m proud to announce my new eBook series: “Improving the Flow: Your Body, Your River, and the Path to Optimal Health.” This series is my effort to explain the one analogy I come back to over and over again in my work with patients: the river. In four brief chapters, I discuss the river analogy in detail – including how your body systems flow together, impediments to that flow, and how to restore the health of your river.
It all starts with Chapter 1, “A New View of Human Physiology,” available to download here free!

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