PEMF Cellular Recharge Overview

PEMF Portland ORDo you have pain, fatigue, or a chronic disease that won’t heal? Have you ever had a head injury or are you worried that your brain doesn’t work as well as it used to?

Are you tired of taking a handful of pills and wondering if your body is absorbing them?

Like run-down batteries, unhealthy cells don’t have enough energy to do the work of living and repairing. In the past, humans used to recharge through physical contact with the earth and by eating and drinking pristine, unprocessed food and water. Today, detached from physical, skin to dirt contact, and surrounded by artificial high-frequency EMF’s, our cells are literally starving for proper electromagnetic nutrition.

Pulsed magnetic field therapy (PEMF) literally recharges the brain of every cell allowing it to function as nature intended. This office has invested significant resources to bring our patients the most advanced and powerful PEMF technology ever developed.Research shows that PEMF cellular recharge therapy blocks pain, heals diseased tissue, balances the immune system, controls brain inflammation, and much more.

Who Else Is Talking About PEMF?

PEMF on Dr. OZ

How much does PEMF therapy cost?

  • Less than you might think, considering the state of the art machines in this office cost tens of thousands of dollars. When you factor in the reduced amount of supplements you will have to take, and the extra energy you will have to be able to commit to your life and work, PEMF therapy may even save you money.
  • However, success depends on multiple sessions of PEMF therapy in order to restore function to your body. Sessions are sold as single units or as discounted packages. The lowest price with a package is $40 per hour. Please contact the clinic for details or to book a free introductory PEMF session.
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