Patient Information

Dr Travis Elliott Naturopathic Physician

Dr Travis Elliott Naturopathic Physician

In preparation for your first visit, you will be asked to fill out an online form in our HIPPA-compliant health portal. You will be given instructions for this process when you call to make your initial appointment. In addition to the form, we will ask you to provide a short narrative “story” that will give me a preview of the subjective nature of your health condition. These two pieces of information take some effort, but having them in place ensures that we spend your appointment focused on the most important issues.

Please contact us to make an appointment and get the process started.

Please provide 24 hours notice if you need to change or cancel an appointment; my missed appointment charge is $50. Along with accepting new patients, I also accept Visa and MasterCard.

Pricing and Insurance

After more than 10 years in my private practice, I am forced to make major changes in my relationship with health insurance companies. In order to continue providing the same high level of individualized care, I have changed my status to an out-of-network provider with a large number of insurance companies.

What does this mean for some of you?

In contrast to using a “system” that each patient gets plugged into, I strive to listen carefully to each patient’s story and create individualized treatment plans. Unfortunately, this strategy does not work in the “insurance model” of medicine. If I were to try to fit into this model by making office visits shorter, your care would suffer.

What does out-of-network status mean?

As an “in-network” physician, the insurance company has the power to decide how much an office visit is worth. Since my typical office visit is both longer and more informative than normal, that insurance value is too low.

As an out-of-network physician, I will have set rates for my office visits (see below). We will bill your insurance, and they will pay based on the out-of-network benefit in your plan. Some of the out-of-network benefits may differ, which depends on the individual plan. These differences may be in terms of co-pay and/or deductible amounts. In some instances they may be higher, but not every time. Finally, after we get the payment from your insurance company, it will be applied to your balance, and you will be billed for the remainder, if there is an outstanding amount.

Functional Medicine Pricing

New Patient appointments: $300
Return visits: 30 – 60 minutes, $112.50 – $187.50
Phone consults: $45 per 15 minutes with a minimum charge of $60.

Pulsed Magnetic Cellular Exercise Pricing

Initial 30 minute trial: FREE
New Patient PEMF-only appointments: $99
Return Visits: $40 – $110 per hour depending on package. Click here for PEMF pricing sheet.

More Information for New Patients